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Cross Point church is interested in families! We want to help you help your family be all that God wills for it to be. To support and strengthen the home and family, we offer a variety of classes and ministries; such as:


  • Family Life Education classes
  • Biblically based family, marital, and individual counseling
  • Premarital counseling using the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory
  • Special days, events, and seminars of interest to families


We recognize that there are no perfect families, just as there are no perfect individuals. Also there is no one perfect model of what a family looks like. We welcome singles, single parents, and the divorced just as we do more traditional families. Our goal is to provide education, support, and a positive environment friendly to families of every kind.  





Jesus said that the Father seeks true worshipers who worship in spirit and in truth. The Family of God at Cross Point is a gathering of Christians from a variety of backgrounds all of whom have one thing in common — the desire to offer our Father worship and praise in spirit and truth.


Worship assemblies may include the reading of God's word, preaching and teaching, prayer, communion and singing. Our songs are offered as praise and worship to God the Father and Jesus our savior and as encouragement to strengthen one another.


Our family is made up of the young and the old, mature Christians and babes in Christ, and our songs speak to all of these. We sing Psalms, hymns, spiritual songs, the old, the new, traditional and contemporary songs. Whether we experience a moment of silence and listen for the sounds of heaven, or whether we raise our voices in spirited praise reaching up to heaven, we strive to offer up praise and worship that is pleasing to the Lord.


God inhabits the praise of His people. We invite Him into our assemblies and we assemble to sing, to praise, to worship.


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