Bringing Interactivity into the Church!

Your Web Based Church Management System

The greatest thing about your integrated church management system is that it's integrated with your Online Community. So as your members are interacting and updating their profiles in the online community, they are keeping the church management records up to date!

Your web based church management system includes the following features:

== Member Management ==

  • Member Management - add, edit, remove member data including addresses, contact info, envelope number, etc. Ability to update member profile information on 100+ pre-defined fields. Each record also includes a member photo and an open comments field.
  • Family Management - add, edit, remove family information including ability to apply family records to individual records.
  • Group Management - Create an unlimited number of custom groups and place members in one to many groups. Also includes group reporting across multiple groups as well as listing members not in particular groups.
  • Track Attendance - Track attendance at an unlimited number of events. Group information is integrated in the attendance module
  • Mail Merge - Create mail merge files for mailings, envelopes, etc. Also have the ability to create mail merge files based on group information.
  • Member Password Management - reset member passwords
  • Member Spotlight - Highlight particular members within your church body.

== Contribution Management ==

  • Record Contributions - Record weekly donations and contributions (cash, check and electronic) against an unlimited number of funds. Record then post records to the database system.
  • Contribution Reporting - Graphical reports of giving by week, month, year, fund, individual, etc. Reporting totals and printing ability.
  • Fund Contributions - Record donations to an unlimited number of funds.
  • Pledge Accounting - Record pledge amounts and track progress to pledges.
  • Online Giving - Receive donations via credit and debit card on the web site.
  • Secure Member Access to His/Her Contributions - Member access to their own donation records via secure web site access. Your members can now see that the check was recorded properly to the correct fund.
  • Annual Statements - Create official summary and/or detail member contribution reports for tax purposes that can be printed and mailed.

== Communication Center ==

  • Automated emails - Automatically send html formatted email messages (with graphics) to members and groups of members.  The system also sends email confirmation reports.
  • Automatically email Newsletter - Automatically send the church newsletter to (with graphics) to members and groups of members.  The system also sends newsletter email confirmation reports.
  • Web Based Phone Caller - Using integrated third party tool, you can call all your church members (or groups of members) simultaneously.  The system uses the internet to call all members at a specified time.  There is an additional charge for each call placed (approximately 4 cents each).
  • Event Management - Create and post events on your web site.  Web based event registration for members.  Event registration management including accepting automated PayPal payments for events.   The system provides the ability to see who has registered for each event as well as tracking which members have paid (or not).
  • Survey/Poll Tool - Create and post surveys to gather feedback from members.  Plot results graphically.
  • Announcements - Create and post announcements on the site.  Ability to include the announcement teaser on each page.  Announcements are created using the web based editor which includes the ability to upload and use graphics and photos in the announcements.
  • File and Forms Upload - The ability for the administrator to upload forms and files to the web site which are available to members for download.  Gather permission slips, camp forms, etc.
  • Forum Management and Maintenance - Manage forum postings, create new topics, categories, etc.

== Miscellaneous ==

  • Manage Adminstrators - Create an unlimited number of site administrators and limit administrator access by function (email tool, site admin, contributions, etc.).  Reset passwords for other adminstrators.

== Site Administration ==

  • Site Design - Choose from the list of hundreds of professional site template designs or specify a custom design.  Select a design template and all pages are updated automatically.
  • Page Design - Integrated web based page design tool.  The system includes MS Word like formatting and page design tools including pre-defined page layout tempates and an image gallery to include graphics and photos.
  • Calendar - Multiple events per day.  Month view of calendar. Repeating events.
  • Newsletter - Create and post up to 20 newsletter articles.  Each article includes formatting tool to format the newsletter and include graphics and photos.
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