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Frequently Asked Questions...

I’m confused, what is it?

MyFlock is really three tools in one. It's an online community where your members can interact, it's a web site content management system that you or your staff can drive, and it's an integrated church management system. You can change from your existing site to a MyFlock site with very little effort. In addition to all of the Member Community Development tools, the control panel allows you to change all of the content whenever you want, from any computer connected to the internet. This puts you in complete control. There are lots of designs to choose from and changing from one to another takes about two seconds (no kidding).

Is it really free?

When you create a new site, you'll have access to your own premium MyFlock site for the first 30 days. You can activate your premium site at any time for a small one time fee. If you don't activate your premium site within 30 days, the trial site will expire, but your data will be saved. From there, you will still be able to activate your premium site at any time.

Can I change the information on each page?

Yes, it’s your site, you’re in control. Although some of the pages will contain some generic information to begin with, you will want to change the content to correspond with your ministry as soon as you get the chance. The goods news is, it’s easy.


I need to register a domain name for my site. Can you help me with that?

Yes! We will handle the entire process for you. The good news is that the cost to register your domain is free the first year (with site activation), after that the cost is $15 per year. Once registered, you'll be able to promote your site by promoting the domain name within your church.

I already have a domain name. Can I link it to my MyFlock website?

Yes. After you initiate your MyFlock website just send us an email at [email protected] and we'll tell you how to do it. It’s easy, but we’ll help if you want.

Is web hosting included in the cost?

Yes! With MyFlock, a separate web hosting account is not required.

How long does it take to set up the website once get started?

You will want to take some time and customize the pages, but essentially the website itself only takes a few minutes. If you have an existing domain name it will take 24-48 hours to filter through the world-wide-web once your domain name has been pointed to your new MyFlock site. We’ll help if you want.

How many pages are there?

Not to be vague, but there are lots. Way more than you would get on a typical website. In addition, everyone involved in your ministry has their own profile page, and they can have their own web page. So, how many pages are there . . . well, how many people are involved in your ministry? A typical church can have over a thousand pages.

Can I add pages?

Yes, in addition to the user web pages and profile pages, you can also add over one hundred more ministry specific pages. The links to these pages appear in the “Main” pop out menu.

How many different website designs are there?

Whatever the number is today, it will probably change within a few days because we’re always adding new designs. Right now there are hundreds of designs to choose from and we'll even create a custom design for a small fee if you don't find one that works for you. You could check the Design Library on the DEMO. We don’t expect to stop adding news design until 2065 or until the Lord returns, so we’ll always have some fresh and cool designs.

We already have a website that we like. Can we keep it and use the MyFlock Community tools?

Yes. Call customer service and we will fix you up.

If I get a Premium MyFlock Site am I locked into a contract?

No. There is a small one time setup fee with the premium site, but after that it’s month to month and you can shut it down at any time.