God's Shining Light

God's Shining Light Church began in 2003 with eight people sitting around a dining room table. Today more than 900 people per week attend services and call God's Shining Light their home.
Founded by Senior Pastor Dixie Pebworth and his wife, Ann, along with Associate Pastor Maurice Kisler and his wife, Mary, and four others, God's Shining Light was dedicated to reaching the lost - especially those who society and even most churches had forsaken and forgotten - the "least of these" who Jesus loved so much!
In 2008, Associate Pastor Jim Rutherford and his wife, Sheila Hambrick, joined the staff at God's Shining Light. Sheila and her band, Broken Yokes, lead worship on Sunday mornings and Jim preaches our Friday night service.
Davy Dyer and his wife, Terrie, lead one of the state's largest Celebrate Recovery services every Wednesday evening. Davy is also a State Rep. for Celebrate Recovery Inside and was the nation's first leader of a Celebrate Recovery Program who had been a graduate of Celebrate Recovery Inside.
Working with our sister organization, Wings of Freedom, God's Shining Light reaches out to those coming out of prison and jail, those struggling with substance abuse issues, people who have never felt like they fit-in or were even welcome in more traditional churches to share the simple, but powerful message "God loves YOU!"
God's Shining Light is a church filled with so many miracles of dramatically changed lives that the overwhelming gratitude expressed in our praise & worship is something you need to experience live and in person. If you live in metropolitan Tulsa or ever find yourself in the area, it is our sincere hope you will join us for one of our services.

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