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Rejoice Church

Sharing the joy of God's love since 1995!






Esta Usted Invitado - Traducción en Español Disponible

Rejoice Church invites you to experience the joyful difference of a truly friendly church that really cares about you.

Our Five Point Guest Pledge:

1. Relax - feel warmly welcomed to our services but never embarrassed.

2. Dress comfy - dress up or casual, we have no dress code.

3. Take a break - loving and competent  kids ministry provided, newborns through 5th grade.

4. Don't give in the offering - your visit is your gift to us.

5. Enjoy what you learn - we share God's love and purpose for your life in uplifting ways.



Rejoice is a nondenominational, Spirit-filled, Christ centered, faith focused and diverse congregation of joyful Christ-followers that began in 1995 as a new church. We are further characterized by our commitment to prayer, enthusiastic praise and worship, life encouraging messages from God's Word, and excellence in ministry to children, teens and adults.

Believing that we are better together than we are apart, Rejoice is a church of many colors that celebrates the joy of God's love with everyone. English translation into Spanish is available.




...where "church as usual" does not apply"

...where imperfect people who desire change are welcome & wanted

...where no one looks to see what color you are or what you are wearing

...where traditions and denominationalism is checked at the door

...and where Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all welcome!!!


Rejoice Church is a growing church that can take care for you and your family...

...and not so big that no one knows your name...

...and not so small that everyone knows your business.

We like to think of ourselves as the "just right" church, because we are growing bigger and smaller at the same time. We never want to lose the personal touch.


With over 30 vibrant ministries to serve you and your family, we've got you covered.

And when your ready to to get involved, there is ample opportunity for you to share your spiritual gifts through Christian service.

Rejoice is YOUR place to Believe, Belong,'s the right place for YOU!



GET TO KNOW OUR MISSION: share the joy of God's love with everyone by recovering people to Jesus and membership in His family, empowering them to  become fully devoted followers of Christ, and deploying them into their ministry in the church and their life mission in the world, in order to fulfil God's Great Big Plan, and magnify God's name.


RED is our Rejoice Vision:  

Recover – Empower – Deploy

1. Recover  Recovering the lost and helping them find their way to God's amazing love and salvation through Jesus Christ is our primary purpose.

This begins with life-giving SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES where we share the joy of God’s love with everyone. Here we focus on connecting you to a relationship with Jesus Christ & growing in His Word. 

2. Empower Empowering Christ-followers to discover & follow God’s unique purpose for their life is the next step in our Rejoice vision. Jesus said to make disiples, not members.

Our Sunday morning GROWTH TRACK GROUPS for all ages at 9:30 AM train & equip you to know and follow Christ with confidence. You will never be as happy & fulfilled as when you find what you were designed by God for. Knowing your place in the Kingdom changes everything. 


3. DeployDeploying Christ-followers into their ministries in the church, and their mission in the world, is the final step of our Rejoice vision. You have a call from God and are anointed to do something no one else can do. Rejoice is committed to identifying and activiating your gifts and callings.