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Chief Apostle Dr. J.G. Rice

She is the wife of Archbishop James Rice, who she loves, respects, adores, and knows God sent him to her. She is the biological mother of three gifted, talented, and dedicated-to-God’s-Kingdom kids and the spiritual, Spiritual Godmother, mentor, pastor, coach, and apostle to the nation. Bishop and apostle, now grandparents of eight, were both born in Columbia,South Carolina, and now live in South Florida. They pastor Greater Harvest Chrsitian Center South Florida  also known as theSouthFloridaGHCCChurch.

Dr. Rice is the founding pastor of the Greater Harvest Christian Center Churches Worldwide (Inc.), which was founded in the year 1992. After Dr. (Whiting) Rice served in the evangelism field for eight years and as a local minister for four years, she was consecrated in the year 2004 as a chief apostle in the city of Columbia, South Carolina where she served most of her junior and senior ministerial services. Chief Apostle Rice is the elected and appointed (2009–2015) chief apostle to the InterGlobal Association of Christian Churches Worldwide and works daily to insure global unity and pastoral networking to the fivefold ministry and to the body of Christ. Chief apostle also serves as CEO of Rice Ministries International. This dynamic woman of the Cross is a noted soloist, psalmist and sought after revivalist with the gift of taking the body of Christ through exhortation and worship directly into the throne room of God.

Through keynote conferences, seminars, teachings, and preaching, Apostle says she is always a pastor, because of her love for God’s people. Apostle J. G. (Whiting) Rice is determined to speak a spirit of perfection into the hearts of the doers of God’s Word. God has graced Dr. Rice with a “Shepherd’s Spirit,” and has anointed her to be a true spiritual general in the army of God. She is gifted to speak clearly and frankly giving directions on growth, stability, and excellence. Dr. Rice believes that God has given us all the measure “to prosper and be in good health even as our souls prosper.” She is a known mother of the Gospel and believes in the prophetic revelation in a Ramah enduring and practical delivery.

She is a life-changing conference speaker, revivalist, workshop host, and an all-round mentor, coach, and covering to the body of Christ. Apostle believes in Kingdom Living and Kingdom Protocol, and these two things operating in your life will bring a Kingdom blessing that will manifest here on earth. This is a true voice that must be heard in every nation, every city, every town, every house; every ear must hear what the Spirit has to say, through this teaching, preaching, prophetic, apostle gift to the church—Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice.






Arch Bishop James Rice

The Son of a preacher man, (and preacher woman); Born a third generation minister has successfully matriculated to become a giant of a man of the Word of God in his own right. Bishop Rice is the executive director of the Referral Network and cohost of the Circle of Power Conferences. 

He is a true man of God, a television producer, a business administrator, a workshop and conference orator, and a seasoned motivational speaker. He specializes in financial freedom and the ministry of wealth and prosperity. He is the author of several DVD books and teachings. His ministry will enlighten you on proper Kingdom finances and overall well-being. Bishop Rice holds a degree in business administration and a doctorate of ministry. And is the Editor in Chief of all Production, Global and TV Ministries.

The Rice’s believe in the “five-level impact of practical empowerment,” which create balance . . . Married to the dynamic Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice, their ministry is evident of these teachings affecting you “physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.” These teachings will bless you and your family for years to come. And by all means, don’t wait! Join them at their next empowerment conference, revival, summit, or any other life-changing conference


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