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Available NOW!!!

Exodus Oil, good for the healing of the Nation

Get your bottle today! Made by the instructions given by God in the book of Exodus. This oil was prepared and prayed over by the hands of Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice herself.

Many testimonies are coming forth about the miracles received through the Exodus Oil.

Don't delay. Get yours TODAY!!!

Call NOW and order a bottle for you, a friend, or your church.



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Available NOW!!!

Do you have a desire to pray but feel inadequate??????????

Do you pray but often feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling? Or, do you have a longing, yearning, to release the very power of God in your life????????

Then, this book is for you. Chief Apostle Dr J. G. Rice, a mighty prayer warrior, has complied this book of prayers with you in mind.

Every time you pray one of these prayers, you will unleash your prayer life that had you previously bound by tradition and vain repetition; and began to speak words that have been birthed and breathed by the Holy Spirit through our Chief Apostle.
These prayers hold the light of God’s word to our lives, and allow us to put the armor of God on and equip ourselves for the joyous life of God.

They are prayers of fire, power, deliverance, health, wealth, wisdom, family victory, worship, praise, celebration, declarations, and much more.

Available NOW!!!

From Church-Dom to Kingdom, is a revelation that will take you into the depth of Kingdom Living. This is more than a book, it is a Kingdom resource and training manual with help tools and Kingdom Practical Applications, Worksheets, Kingdom Precepts and Spiritual Protocol. A Practical Application Guide, filled with humor, power and teaching revelations. It will inspire you, instruct you, cause you to come into Kingdom governmental order, and mental physical, emotional, and financial Kingdom Prosperity. Truly it is "All about the Kingdom." 

   Under an Apostolic Order, Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice inspires us with Spiritual Protocol for Kingdom Citizens, bringing to light that nothing comes before the "King and the Kingdom." The Covenants and Restoration” of our Kingdom Destiny Comes to Light with a deep sense of awe of our Kingdom authority. Dr. Rice one of the Nations Chief Apostles and Ambassador of Grace, will impact, and impart to you a "Kingdom Mindset, Kingdom Vision, Kingdom Harvest, and Kingdom Fruit."

   This is a must have resource. With over 32 years of ministerial wisdom, truth, hope, and prolific c insight. This experience will pull you into another realm and level of Kingdom Wisdom and Kingdom Creativity. This Book, a must have, ongoing ministerial and laymember training and resource tool, of Kingdom Dynamics and Directions to Succeed in your Kingdom Lifewalk. So Intrigue yourself and others with "Spiritual Latte", as we all learn more about the Kingdom of God, and the Spiritual Protocol of Kingdom success.

Available NOW!!!

11 months to life transformation. This book includes 7 powerful testimonies of lives that have been transformed under the power of God.


Coming Soon!!!

Enjoying the benefits of salvation! With 21 principles of Kingdom Living- The Power to Change.

Coming Soon!!!

Learn how to live the "God-Kind of Life" with Arch Bishop James Rice. An exciting book packed with years of experience and sound principles on how to live a happy, healthy, wealthy and wise life. Bishop James Rice gives very practical and easily applicable principles to follow. Having an abundant life is possible and exactly what God wants for us. Come live "G-KOL." 


Available NOW!!!

A true Praise and Worship CD by Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice. This album is packed with songs to elevate your worshipping of our Lord. With the hit single "Kingdom Ambassador." Also including the hit tracks "Yahweh", "Coming Down" and "War Cry." don't miss out, get your CD TODAY!!! Give the Lord a new level of PRAISE.

Available NOW!!!

The sophomore album by Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice. The hit single "Be Free," has done just that. It has set many hearts free from past hurts. Another Praise and Worship cd to bring you to a another level of worshipping our Father. Also featuring the hit "Promisies" and "Get My Prazz." Get you copy TODAY!!!

Available NOW!!!

Chief Apostle Dr. J. G. Rice is truly an Apostle of Praise...she has brought the kingdom of God to life by embracing all genders of the gospel music experience. Creating Joy, Worship, Hope, Deliverance and down home praise. Featuring hit tracks such as "Flow Over Me" and Riding on Prazz." Get your CD Today!!! 


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